As Clearing and Forwarding agents, we handle over 1.5 million Metric Tons of cargo annually.  We represent number of leading and reputed importers and exporters including various stock listed companies.

As a leading Stevedore, we handle over 1 million Metric Tons of dry cargo. We have achieved the record handling of the following bulk commodities on a single day at the Port of Kandla for which Kandla Port Trust issued appreciation letters.

Cargo Vessel Tonnes Date
Minerals M.V.BAO XIANG Load Rate: 19,600 October 8.2006
Steaming Coal M.V. PREMVARSHA Discharge Rate: 35,000 July 23.2007
Rock phospate M.V. SORBO Discharge Rate: 18,284 June 21.2009
Sugar M.V. SIBULK TRADITION Discharge rate: 18,565 August 09.2009
DAP M.V. JAHAN BROTHERS 36801 MTs May 2013
Project Cargo M.V. OCEAN LIGHT 5535.474 MTs September 13 2013

 a c t group has earned rich experience in both the categories of international trade i.e. export and import. The group is actively providing services for various clients from different sectors.

Win – Win relationship with our clients who are having international business in following sectors have contributed to group’s growth. We provide services in different product lines such as Steel Products – Bare pipes, Coated pipes (cement as well as plastic coated), steel coils, steel plates, heavy machinery for various power plants that are coming up in and around Gujarat and Rajasthan. In break bulk, we are handling bagged cargoes such as rice, sugar, cattle meals/extractions etc. and in bulk fertilizer raw material such as rock phosphate, sulphur etc. Beside this, we are dealing in huge volume of liquid chemicals, petroleum products etc.