sujan oil & gas infra logistics (SOGIL) is the first licensed Govt. of India approved SEZ service providing unit, functioning from Gujarat. The unit will cater to services related to Oil & Gas Exploration Industry like warehousing of imported machineries, equipments, required raw materials etc.. Practically, most of the global players out source such facilities. Couple of the operators/vendors has already shown their interest in utilizing such services on the western coast of India. In order to meet the needs of this particular industry in the field of material management and logistical support, we have created this unique facility at Kandla Special Economic Zone, just 9 kms from the major Indian Port of Kandla.

Present scenario of activities in the field of oil exploration, especially in India, gave us an opportunity to start this new project to explore the possibilities of reaching out to the global oil & gas sector, and providing it with sufficient wherewithal and logistic support.


The natural resources are available abundantly; however, the exploration of the same is very slow. During the last 3 years, the price of Crude Oil & Gas has increased manifold and as such, it is giving a huge dent in the economy of the developing nations. This phenomenon has compelled the developing nations to explore the possibility of hunting for Oil & Gas resources in their own land and seabed. To execute successfully this complex operation of Oil & Gas exploration one needs a mix of highly technical and skilled experts along with latest technology, heavy machinery, and specialized equipments.

In India too, the oil exploration activities are increasingly attracting many international operators and other vendors. To mitigate their problems of interruption in the production activities due to non-availability of consumables and/or capital goods i.e. machinery, equipments, spare parts, etc, they are contemplating to use a centrally located warehousing facility. SOGIL being present in KASEZ, comes in the picture and provides strategic services as the sole agent from the Western Indian Coast for taking care of all such facilities, and much more, like Customs clearance, inland transshipment, and re-export to the suppliers. In many occasions, due to logistic constraints, the required inputs are not reaching in time at the site of exploration, halting thereby the on-going operations temporarily, therefore competitive and excellent logistic support is non-negotiable factor to success.

Our positioning at Kandla Special Economic Zone is most viable to oil & gas explorers who are routing their supplies through Kandla and Mundra ports, since both these ports are strategically located at the western coast of India, having huge tracts of hinder land, viz: whole of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, J&K, and part of MP and UP. Rajasthan is a state, where, as on today, many exploration activities are undertaken.

The above proposal will bring down the cost of the warehousing facility and ensure timely delivery of the goods at the site of Oil/Gas Blocks. The individual actual users can import all the goods into the Zone by nominating us as their logistic provider for their assigned works.